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About us

Prime Shape isn't just a gym; it's a thriving community of individuals striving for a better tomorrow.


At Prime Shape, we believe that true transformation happens when individuals come together as a community to pursue a shared goal: a healthier, more vibrant life. Our bootcamp and personal training gym isn't just a place to work out; it's a hub for forging connections, breaking barriers, and achieving unparalleled wellness.

 Our vision is to craft a welcoming training hub, where fitness enthusiasts of all levels find their path to wellness. Our goal is simple yet powerful: to create a vibrant space offering a variety of workout opportunities. From personalized one-on-one training sessions that cater to individual goals, to energetic group classes that foster community spirit, we're dedicated to providing diverse fitness experiences under one roof. We believe in the power of choice and customization, ensuring every member can explore different workout styles, discover their passion, and achieve their fitness aspirations

We are here for everyone. Whether you're a rookie or you've been working out intensively for years, PrimeShape is your gym. By focusing on technique and giving you personal attention we make sure that after every class you walk out the door with a big smile! 

Raw and intense training, high quality service! 

Quiet, private gym  ●  Accredited trainers. ●  Towel service. ●  Coffee, tea and protein shakes.  ●  Music  ●  Nutrition


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