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Do you want to lose weight, get back into your sports routine, get fitter and learn more about nutrition that contributes to reaching your goals? Then 8 Weeks Prime Shape program is for you!

How it Works

You exercise 3x a week at Prime Shape once at a fixed time and twice at a self-scheduled time where you choose from the regular classes. Of course we keep you accountable that you maintain the 3x per week training. 

You will track your nutrition daily and have weekly contact with your coach for feedback and questions. We will discuss your goals and monitor your progress together with you through measurements and progress pictures. We also keep track of your progress in strength and conditioning. 

In our private gym a maximum of 6-8 clients train at the same time, so you have all the space you need and never have to wait for available weights.  

Interested Great, we look forward to coaching you and helping you achieve your goals! Click the link or email and indicate that you are interested in the program. We will then contact you to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. 

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Price  249.-

We promise you guaranteed success!

We expect 100% commitment for just 8 weeks. Conditions apply!


  • You set realistic goals with us in advance.
  • You attend every fixed training session.
  • You also attend 2 classes a week at Lab and give 100% every class.
  • You track all your nutrition every day.
  • You stay within your designated macro and calorie budget.
  • You have a weekly call with your coach and write down questions you want to ask in advance.
  • You keep your own spreadsheet where you record your progress such as class attendance, weekly body measurements and progression photos. 



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